Luke Luby is an Irish journalist and digital marketing professional with several years of experience across both fields. Throughout this time, Luke Luby has worked with a variety of organizations, including J. Barter Travel, The Inquisitr, AppTrigger, CCN and more, where he served in several roles.

Before beginning his professional career, Mr. Luby attended Griffith College Cork (GCC), from which he graduated with honours with a B.A. in Journalism in 2013. While attending the university, he was involved in a variety of activities, such as serving as the Arts & Features Editor for the college newspaper, Leemail, during its 2011 edition.

Alongside this, Mr. Luby was involved in GCC’s radio station for several years, hosting a variety of shows and eventually serving as its entertainment producer. Following this, he attended University College Cork (UCC), which he graduated from with a Higher Diploma in English.

During his time at UCC, Mr. Luby was involved in a variety of clubs and societies, including the Journalism Society. At this time, he was a regular news contributor to the college publication Motley Magazine, where he also served as Webmaster. During the year in which he contributed, Motley Magazine reached the finals of the Student Media Awards, with the news section receiving a large amount of praise.

Since graduating from university, Luke Luby has served as a journalist and digital marketing specialist for a variety of organizations. From January 2016 to January 2017, he served as a marketing intern with J. Barter Travel, during which time the company reached the finals of the Cork Digital Marketing Awards in four categories.

Over the following years, Mr. Luby worked with a variety of publications as a freelance contributor, including AppTrigger, The Inquisitr, WhatCulture, and many more. During this time, he gained expertise in a variety of areas, including current affairs, pop culture, and more. He has also worked with several media outlets in a ghostwriting capacity, where he has covered business and retail topics, alongside marketing, automobiles, and more.

Outside of his professional career, he has supported a wide range of non-profits, such as Pieta House and a variety of other mental-health focused charities.