Based in Torrevieja, Spain, Luke Luby is an Irish-born journalist and content marketing specialist with close to a decade of experience across both fields. During this time, Luke John Luby has with a range of organizations in various capacities, such as serving as a marketing manager with ACS Anchor Solutions.

Luke Luby’s Journalism Work

Alongside his full-time positions, he has worked in a freelance capacity with numerous publications, most recently with Freaked.com. With Freaked, Mr. Luby focused on films and television shows, with a concentration on the horror genre. He also covered several other areas for the publication, such as lifestyle.

Throughout his career, Luke has produced articles spanning a range of areas, including current affairs, marketing, entertainment, and business. Alongside producing daily news reports, he was responsible for in-depth interviews with numerous personalities, with these stemming from wrestling, theatre, video games, and more.

Across his career, Mr. Luby has developed and refined his interview and research skills, as well as his content production and promotion techniques. His work can be found on the likes of AppTrigger.com, HVY.com, and more.

Luke’s Marketing Work

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In addition to journalism, Luke Luby has spent several years working in the marketing sphere. During this time, he has primarily focused on content marketing and search engine optimization. However, he has also gained experience in email marketing, social media marketing, and inbound marketing.

Though he has specialized in these areas, he gained expertise in a wide range of other areas, such as Google Ads. In his role as the marketing manager of ACS Anchor Solutions, Mr. Luby oversaw a team that included full-time, part-time, and freelance employees.

Taking a hands-on approach, he was involved in all areas of the marketing process, from creating strategies to overseeing their execution. With ACS specializing on outsourcing client sales and marketing, he also oversaw the development and implementation of marketing strategies on their behalf.

Cork Digital Marketing Awards 2016 Luke Luby Finalist

Mr. Luby has also served as a digital marketing specialist with J. Barter Travel, a travel agency based in Cork, Ireland. In the role, he had a hand in increasing the company’s social media reach and drastically improving return on investment.

In 2016, J. Barter Travel was a finalist in four categories for the Cork Digital Marketing Awards, with much of this being for Luke’s work.

Mr. Luby’s Education

In each of his roles, Luke Luby has drawn on a strong academic background. A Griffith College Cork (GCC) alumnus, he earned a bachelor of arts in journalism in 2013, which he earned with honors. Alongside his academic pursuits with the course, he was an arts and features editor with Leemail, GCC’s annual magazine.

He was also involved in the college’s radio station every year, initially serving as an editor and producer before becoming the producer of its entertainment section. Through this, he was responsible for obtaining guests and music licenses, alongside editing any pre-recorded programs and other duties.

Luke Luby is a graduate of University College Cork (UCC), where he earned a higher diploma in English. An experienced freelancer by this point, he was also producing articles for a wide range of publications. During this time, he became the webmaster for Motley Magazine, UCC’s student-run magazine, and was a major contributor to its news section.

He also produced articles for UCC Express. Alongside his college degrees, Mr. Luby holds certificates from several professional organizations. Most recently, he became certified in inbound marketing, email marketing, and content marketing by Hubspot. He also holds a Google marketing certificate.

Outside of his professional work, Luke Luby supports several non-profits, including Pieta House and Cork Simon.